Apr 29, 2011

Friday is BABE day

Its Friday and a cold one also, not that I am complaining because I really am a bigger fan of the Winter than Summer. Just because it is so much better spooning in the winter and you really have to make a effort at hot sweaty sex.

Getting back to the subject of Babe day, I thought it be appropriate to get something involved with the sea because we are saying goodbye to our good friend Mr. Summer. What better way than girls doing what some guys, namely me can’t do at all, Surfing. Whether it is on a surf board, holding one or just posing next to one, you can’t deny the hotness. And as you will notice, babe surfing is all about the ASS!

Apr 28, 2011

Been sick, done that, on a long weekend

I love public holidays, just for the fact that I can be extremely lazy and not do anything productive at all. This year was different though, I was sick so that meant no going out, no partying and no being out of bed for more than 30 minutes. It was dreadful to say the least, and what was usually sunshine around me was reduced to rain and medicine. I know a lot of people had the flu this past couple of days, making their houses look more like the zombie apocalypse hit than anything else. But like life, when there is a shitty situation there has to be a bit of good somewhere. Mine was not something, rather someone, I had a nurse to help me through my sickness (see article on why being single sucks, one of the perks of being in a relationship), yes I was nursed back to health by my girlfriend. The only thing that could of made it better would have been a skimpy hot nurse outfit to accompany her but alas it was not, but all the love and caring definitely helped me to get better soon and back on my feet.

Apr 26, 2011

I want Speedboat

I was a good boy so far this year so hopefully Santa will bring me this for Christmas, screw the Playstation and samurai swords. Real manliness is in speedboats that can move at the speed of sound and make impossible turns at high speeds. My first words after the video started was, how the fuck is this guy doing it and how fun would it be to navigate this baby? 

Eye Candy Elisha Cuthbert

Feels like I haven’t done a post in ages, it probably has been way to long since I made any of you smile. Excuse me for my absence but I was a bit on the sick side, so today I will try to do a few things to make up for lost time.

I will be trying to get a video and a eye candy in for today because tomorrow is a public holiday yet again so nowhere near a computer for me.

Apr 22, 2011

Why Ed is there no posts this week?

As most of you probably have noticed there has not been a update or a post since Friday last week, the plain simple reason is that I am not feeling all that good. I have come down with the evil flu, and have not been at my best for the past week. But don't fear, I will be trying to get a few posts in on the weekend. So keep your eyes peeled and remember to go crazy this weekend, because the only drinking I will do is Vitamin C and Cough Syrup.

Apr 15, 2011

Friday is BABE day

It is that time of the week again people and what makes it a lot more special than usual, it is CLEAVAGE day! The bad news is I will not be doing an in depth look into the wonderful world of cleavages, but will stick to a topic, because every blog is doing their cleavage thing today. I will be looking into the ladies who bends more in front of you than your girlfriend, the SEXY NURSES.  

Sorry Lesley and Chad, chicks on rollercoasters are quite hard to find.

Why some guys don't belong in the kitchen

I know I am not the best cook in the world or the best person to be around in a kitchen, because I get more in the way than anything else and burn a lot of things. But I would like to say I do make a mean batch of 2 minute noodles or eggs on toast. But this guy in this video has got to be one of the dumbest in the world, a lot of girls will probably be watching this and thinking: “that is my guy without me right now”.

Apr 14, 2011

Why being single is not all that great

Being single is really not all that awesome like some people make it out to be, you do sometimes have that freedom that whipped guys dream about. I have been there and done that, but when you in a good relationship those things don’t affect you like when you in a bad relationshit.

Everyone has had their fair share in horrible partners, the one’s where you say to yourself afterwards, what the hell was going through my mind?! The one where you were never good enough for them but when you leave them, they say you are the best thing that he/she will lose.

Apr 13, 2011

Eye Candy Megan Fox

After a few requests of different eye candy babes from people, I decided on Mrs. Megan Denise Fox. She is the only reason why some people watched the Transformer movies, that moment where she bends over that yellow car in the sunset has got the be one of the finest moments in movie history.

Unfortunately she is married lads, apparently has the sex drive of a teenage guy (lucky bastard) and openly said she supports the legalization of marijuana.

Dance, Friend or Foe Part 2

To continue my dancing debate of yesterday's post, I did not say all I wanted to. Another factor that makes everyone think they can dance like champions has to be alcohol. It makes you win or lose, but mostly lose very badly.

Apr 12, 2011

Dance, Friend or Foe

Its Friday afternoon, you get to your house or flat! Kick off your work shoes, get your party boots and throw that tie as far as you can, put on some good music and get a ice cold beer out of the fridge. You call your “pelle” and tune them what the plans are for tonight, basically it would include a whole lot of partying and the occasional stop at BP for “padkos”.

You get to the bar which is usually packed with a lot of similar minded people like you, just wanting a few drinks, shots and good times, but wait, there is no one here at all. The bar looks deserted and drinks aren’t flowing the way they did last weekend. Did you miss something, is Fokofpolisiekar playing nearby or didn’t you get an invite to the biggest party ever?!

After a while of trying to make this funeral work, some bright spark gets the idea of going to a club….

Apr 11, 2011

Very bad parents

How could people just stand and watch this kid play with the snake, it may be milked ( that means no poison ) but still, very irresponsible. Worst of all it could be the kid's parents cheering the little midget on. Don't know about you but there is no way in hell I would come close to such a big cobra being pissed.

I am also kind of curious to what happend after it went around her neck?

(Thanks Zohan)

Apr 8, 2011

Friday is BABE day

It is that time again, where the week has taken its toll on us and we feel exhausted and punished.

The weekend could not of come at a better time and to top it all off, these ladies are here for your viewing pleasure ( sounds like I am introducing some random strippers ).

This week’s fun topic is what every boy in school loved, that sexy teacher with the smoking hot body. If you didn’t have one I feel sorry for you and you missed out on quite a lot. In anyway, enjoy the weekend and don’t do anything stupid people.

Petrol price is expected to rise with 65 cents

Petrol price is expected to rise by another 65 cents next month. 
I strongly recommend that you read this carefully and start  looking for cheaper transport now……

I am going for Onkisakae because I want the tree as well

Apr 7, 2011

Dolphin trying to hump a woman, weird!?

So looks like this is the week of animals doing random stuff, it's a dolphin, apparently one of the smartest animals having himself a ball with a lady.

It is funny and same time disturbing because I have honestly never seen a dolphin do this.

Apr 6, 2011

Eye Candy Lucy Pinder

If you are wondering what the hell is this? It is a new thing I am starting for all the guys and some girls. Seeing that the babe Friday is such a success and I am getting quite a few requests to get more babes onto Why Ed?

I don’t have a name yet, but it will be something like Eye candy weekly, featuring a randomly selected babe that I will give some information on and of course a few photographs.

Drop some names in the comments that I can use ( it’s really really easy, just type and post) , “kom aan almal doen dit!!”

So here is the steps to follow to make your life better:
-Follow Why Ed?
-Look at the post
-Drool or laugh at the post
-Give a rating on the post (there are three options, so it is not that difficult)
-Drop a comment on the post
-Smile at your comment
-Have a drink afterwards
-Tell all your friends to make me happy in pants
-Repeat tomorrow

Please explain how is this possible.

Like really what the fuck is going on here, it is a goat with a monkey on it's back doing a "high rope". And to top it off , the monkey does a handstand on the goat. Are animals secretly freakish gymnasts?!

Apr 5, 2011

The Beach Life

Just looking at these mindblowing pics makes me wonder why I never considered moving to the coast. 

The people there are so chilaxed and never in a rush, but here in Snor city everything is so damn busy, even the drinking spots are crazy here, Hatfield is always packed (not that I am against it) and there is always such long lines to every flippen bar. Have you noticed how long you spend going to the bar and getting drinks than actually partying, I bet doing your rounds takes a lot more time.

Apr 4, 2011

Being creative helps

Some people are just more creative than others in certain situations. Take this guy for example, he is homeless and poor but fuck he is smart for creating that sign.

Regarding this particular subject, I absolutely despise these people begging next to the road and I know I am not alone in this.

It is always the same old story with these people : wife left me, 16 kids and a budgie to feed, blah blah blah. I have seen  a guy standing at a certain Spar for the past 4 or so years selling koeksisters with a sign that reads “Het alles verloor in ‘n brand , geen ander inkomste nie”. Not to be rude but if you have lost everything in a fire a few years ago, you should probably stop making koeksisters (by the way, where does he make them if he has nothing?) and search for a job.

Another fine example is on the way to Sun City, there are people from the township standing next to the road in cricket pads and a sign stating “saving money for our cricket tour”. They have been begging since I was in pre school…..where the hell are they saving to go? Fucken Hawai or Switzerland?!

Back to the picture, I will give this man money. Not because he is suffering , but he made me laugh and not  making me feel quilty.

Apr 1, 2011

Friday is BABE day

This week has seen it's ass and now it is time for partying and drinking. Futhermore it is Babe day, a full post dedicated to all the hotties.

For today's theme I will be covering ( excuse the pun ) the bodypaint ladies. Everyone should appreciate art, especially if it is on the body of a naked lady.

Macbeth Footwear

One of the best ads there is at moment, it is not that old or anything but it is damn good.
What do you want more in a clip like this, you got the best finishing line, awesome shoes and a  hot girl.

Jack Parow Byellville

The all new music video from everyone's favourite rapper, it is a triple vid and song so keep your eyes peeled.

It is bloody brilliant if you ask me.