Apr 4, 2011

Being creative helps

Some people are just more creative than others in certain situations. Take this guy for example, he is homeless and poor but fuck he is smart for creating that sign.

Regarding this particular subject, I absolutely despise these people begging next to the road and I know I am not alone in this.

It is always the same old story with these people : wife left me, 16 kids and a budgie to feed, blah blah blah. I have seen  a guy standing at a certain Spar for the past 4 or so years selling koeksisters with a sign that reads “Het alles verloor in ‘n brand , geen ander inkomste nie”. Not to be rude but if you have lost everything in a fire a few years ago, you should probably stop making koeksisters (by the way, where does he make them if he has nothing?) and search for a job.

Another fine example is on the way to Sun City, there are people from the township standing next to the road in cricket pads and a sign stating “saving money for our cricket tour”. They have been begging since I was in pre school…..where the hell are they saving to go? Fucken Hawai or Switzerland?!

Back to the picture, I will give this man money. Not because he is suffering , but he made me laugh and not  making me feel quilty.

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