Apr 5, 2011

The Beach Life

Just looking at these mindblowing pics makes me wonder why I never considered moving to the coast. 

The people there are so chilaxed and never in a rush, but here in Snor city everything is so damn busy, even the drinking spots are crazy here, Hatfield is always packed (not that I am against it) and there is always such long lines to every flippen bar. Have you noticed how long you spend going to the bar and getting drinks than actually partying, I bet doing your rounds takes a lot more time.

Even here in the north at Gossip bar there is a fucking long que to get a drink on the weekends which pisses me off, and I didn’t even mention getting a table to sit at that is not soaking wet.

Back to the coast life, they have REAL beach parties, not these where some school’s “sandput” is used with one lousy umbrella and Sokkie treffers 4. No, they have these where you can actually drown in the sea (how cool is that) and girls wearing bikini’s because they want to. Nothing beats having a beer on the beach and just being a lazy human being (you can even go for the pink drink if you really want to and nobody will look at you funny because you on the beach).

Maybe I just need a good holiday or something, but either way I will be at the coast in the next few months with good friends and strong liquor, join if you want to! Just don’t rush my mellow

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