Feb 28, 2011

Sex Theme Park-JEJU Love land

In 2002, 20 graduates of Seoul's premiere university for fine arts and design, Hongik University, began creating sculptures for Loveland. And wow, what sculptures!

A larger-than-life bronze woman in the throes of self-induced ecstasy, a giant green hand with one finger slipped into a protruding opening, and of course more erect phalluses than any gay porn movie set.

Two years later, Jeju Loveland opened, showcasing in total 140 works of very not-safe-for-work art in a space about the size of two soccer fields.

There are also monthly exhibitions featuring various Korean artists held in the exhibition hall, along with live models, photographic and sex-toy exhibitions and film showings.

And of course like any good park, Loveland has two mascots: Bulkkeuni, a walking phallus with yellow mittens and Ssaekkeuni, a vagina dressed in a big, floppy hat with a bow. Altogether, it all makes for a giggle-inducing experience.

SAPS, do you feel safe?

Feb 25, 2011

Happy Birfday Poena!!!

Hoop jy het een befokte dag vandag buddy!!

 Ons het letterlik 10 minute gewag vir 'n golf om hierdie ene te neem.
 Puna saam met Maanman met sy trademark "SHAP"
 'n Koue Miller of 'n branna sal vanaand in ons eetgerei wees
 Fokken Super Saiyan as jy my vra
 Elke liewe oggend by die Koppi was dit so
 Alweer met sy "SHAP"
 Almal wat daai aand by die party was se maar net niks oor die photo nie
 Scooter gaan staan sonder juice en daar was al klaar fokol plek op die bakkie so toe mos ons improvise
Dit is die oorsaak van neer moer met 'n scooter en 'n week daar na dieselfde toertjie probeer.

Geniet die aand tjom en hopelik breek jy fokkol teƫls met jou voorkop die keer!


Verkoop jou organe vir 'n lekker prys hier!

Feb 23, 2011

They caught this mouse in a pharmacy after it chewed through a box of Viagra

Poor guy can't even open his eyes properly and now he has a huge boner to deal with as well

Olechuku's first day of school

Olechuku entered his classroom on the first day of school.

"What's your name?" asked the teacher.
"Olechuku," he replied.

"You're in South Africa now," replied the teacher, "So from now on you will be known as Sipho."

Olechuku returned home after school. "How was your day, Olechuku?" his mother asked.

"My name is not Olechuku. I'm in South Africa and now my name is S

"Are you ashamed of your name? Are you trying to dishonor your parents, your heritage? Shame on you!" And his mother beat him.

Then she called his father, who beat him again.

The next day Olechuku returned to school. The teacher saw all of his bruises. "What happened to you, Sipho?" she asked.
"Well ma'am, shortly after becoming a South African, I was attacked by two Nigerians. 

Wacky Wednesday!!

Is this where the porn moustache comes from?

Justin Bieber when he is 50?

Harare weekend special

Good job Google!

Be creative in your "do you like me?" letter


Feb 21, 2011

'n Stoute Waterwurm in Mosselbaai

Hy sluk en jy geniet dit, klink na lekker pret vir die hele gesin.

(thanks Dylan)

Feb 18, 2011

Drunk True Story

Well Well this story comes from a long way back, you might call it my younger, more adventurous time in my life. This is the solid truth and names have not been changed….

It all started while we were having a very good party, there was a overflow of booze and laughter. Playing beer pong and having tequila shots was always a winner in my books. Eventually later in the night as everyone got more buzzed , Ballie comes up with a great idea, “let’s go to the sea and swim.”( We were still in Pretoria North FYI), everyone just laughed at the idea thinking it could be funny  but not really considering it.

So as the night  progressed , people started to pass out, Louen and Deon passed out  infront of PS3 still playing a rally game, and my good friend Allan kept talking how awesome it would be to pass out and wake up on the beach ,so that led to another thing, eventually he passed out on the garden couch(yes there was a couch in the garden at that time).

After zero thought and joy in our hearts we decided to pack and go swim in the sea , we grabbed Allan that was passed out on the couch, he was only in his boxers and Crocs(don’t judge), the smallest guys carried him to the car(sorry Werner and Marinus).

We actually had a good damn plan in our minds, Ballie had to get the drinks( he grabbed a bottle of JB whiskey, Jack Daniels and a good ol’ Wellington, forgot the mixers) and I had to get blankets and for some or other reason I grabbed 20 T-shirts  (again, don’t judge) and forgot the blankets!

And so we were off in the middle of the night, probably around 12 o’clock with Rise Against full blast in the car and the clean whiskey flowing down our throats, it came back up through *Ballie’s throat against the roof of the car , and we were probably driving for 5min….

*Let me first tell you how Ballie’s night went before this, he passed out, woke up, made out with a girl , passed out again, threw up and got a A+ on Dance Dance revolution, so it was pretty wicked before “Die Groot Trek”.

Back to the story, we were around Joburg or in that area when the first piss stop had to happen next to the highway, Allen unaware of all our intentions , just got out ,did his thing , climbed back in the car before passing out again. We had to stop for fuel as well so we got out , paid (I think ) for the gas and gave the friendly petrol attendant half a bottle of Brannas and bought R200 of chips at Wimpy……yes it was a fuck load of Chips.

The next stop could just be described as truly one of the funniest moments in my life, we got out yet again for urinating purposes. Allan climbed out of the car,still pissed out of his mind ,stood under the road sign and did his thing yet again……please people just picture a person fully unaware where he is , thinking he is still in Pretoria , looking up to a road sign and seeing Durban 73km……

If you enjoyed it so far, next week I will be putting up the rest of this amazing story. It will be including metro police, Jack Daniels , puke, “oh fuck” , traffic barriers , cows and money lost.


Feb 17, 2011

Everyone has had this parking problem, loving this person's solution

Ever had a asshole park in your place or in the disabled parking bay....I think we all should copy this letter and keep it in your car for that time...

When you just want to say "FUCK YOU"!!


Hate babies acting like grown ups...

Don't know if it is just me, but I dislike this so much. It reminds me of all that shit horror movies that I watched as a lil kid growing up with older cousins....

Feb 16, 2011

Can you see the resemblence?! The most absurd picture doing it's rounds

World's strongest beer on sale and is so powerful just ONE GULP will put you over the drink-drive limit

It is called Sink the Bismarck and has a alcohol content of 41%, the alcohol in it is almost as much as ONE bottle of Wellington...

The beer is supposed to be drunk in small quantities because it is so strong and has been designed with a screw top so it can be resealed.

 The price tag also is not for the normal guy on the street, it goes for 95 pounds  a pint....roughly around a shit load of money if you ask me.

Give him wood this Valentine, a bit late I know

How creative can you get?

This stuff is truly creative or just people that has to much time on their hands.