Feb 28, 2011

Sex Theme Park-JEJU Love land

In 2002, 20 graduates of Seoul's premiere university for fine arts and design, Hongik University, began creating sculptures for Loveland. And wow, what sculptures!

A larger-than-life bronze woman in the throes of self-induced ecstasy, a giant green hand with one finger slipped into a protruding opening, and of course more erect phalluses than any gay porn movie set.

Two years later, Jeju Loveland opened, showcasing in total 140 works of very not-safe-for-work art in a space about the size of two soccer fields.

There are also monthly exhibitions featuring various Korean artists held in the exhibition hall, along with live models, photographic and sex-toy exhibitions and film showings.

And of course like any good park, Loveland has two mascots: Bulkkeuni, a walking phallus with yellow mittens and Ssaekkeuni, a vagina dressed in a big, floppy hat with a bow. Altogether, it all makes for a giggle-inducing experience.

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