Mar 25, 2011

Tracy Mcgregor Playboy shoot

First of all these pics contain nudity and if you going to complain, don't scroll down any futher.

As promised , the very first South Africa Playboy was published last week Friday and our local girl, Mrs Mcgregor graced the cover and inside.

Here is a few nice pics to motivate you to get your hands on the very first copy!


  1. A dream come true!

  2. Tanit Phoenix was offered the first cover of SA Playboy magazine, she turned them down, and they only offered R50k for the shoot. Aparently American Playboy offered miss Phoenix $500k, and she turned them down too, as she is focusing on her acting career and being portrayed in this magazine will reflect negatively on her, she is taking her work seriously. Perhas we will see her topless in a future film.

  3. Interesting information regarding Tanit, well hopefully we will see her in all her glory soon. That is also a shitload of money offered, I would do a nude shoot for that.