Mar 31, 2011

What happens when you slip, Not for sensitive viewers

This is really not my thing to post at all, I really find it disturbing.

But it made me think of all the stupid stuff I have tried in the past and got out alright.This guy really got the worst of it.How many of you people have tried similar things to this and got it right?

All I can say is be safe people and for fuck sake's look before you jump.
(Thanks Xander)

Mar 30, 2011

Weirdest way to get to work

Saw this yesterday on the road in Queenswood.This is by far one of the oddest things I have ever witnessed. Usually you see these guys in a circus and not in a suit on the way to work. Very damn odd indeed.

Mar 29, 2011

Kalahari photo

Looks like a nice photo taken in the dead of night.

Now with a bit of adjustment and my personal touch

Now I am wondering if they knew the lions were there before the Flash went off?

Mar 28, 2011

Why seniors break their hips

Old people are always funny to me, they fall in the most random ways and yet come out fine every time.

A funny compilation of a few oldies doing their thing.

Mar 25, 2011

Tracy Mcgregor Playboy shoot

First of all these pics contain nudity and if you going to complain, don't scroll down any futher.

As promised , the very first South Africa Playboy was published last week Friday and our local girl, Mrs Mcgregor graced the cover and inside.

Friday is BABE day

It is that time again! Almost weekend and my favorite day of the week!

Gentleman , it’s Babe Friday and I got this idea for the theme from one of my friends last Friday night.
(Thanks Poena)

It is the hot and sexy girls from the F1 circuit.

Ready!! Steady!! ENJOY!

How men and woman differ from going to the bathroom

Mar 24, 2011

A little something to spice up the bedroom

Introducing the Karmasheetra
Wonder if this will really help your bedroom antics?
Looks like it could be fun.

Mar 23, 2011

What to do when you bored at work?

What to do...

Kill a few Flies

Put them in the sun to dry for one hour.

Once they are dry, pick a pencil and paper.. Let your  imagination flow.


(shot Riaan)

Mar 22, 2011

Two of the worst bails ever

Danny Way at the X-games in 2008.

Jake Brown at the X-games in 2007, he fell so hard his shoes even came off, now that's hard!

Mar 18, 2011

Friday is BABE day

Almost the long weekend people, and as you all know from last week Friday is themed Babe day.

So get the sand out of your shoes and get the sunglasses on your eyes for these girls on the beach, doing what they love.


Bless their hearts!

Have a good one!

Mar 17, 2011

I always knew there was something strange going on with Mickey Mouse

Does he have some gay tendencies?
I always question a person who does not wear a shirt at all with red pants

Mar 16, 2011

Snake dies after biting model's breast

Shame this snake died after it bit the breast, apparently it got poisoning from the sillicone, at least it died doing what it loved

Mar 14, 2011

The real "UP" house

Some people have got a lot of time and money on their hands doing such a thing.

If you haven't seen the movie Up, it is about a old guy that flew a house with is not that bad.

National Geographic did their own little experiment on the 5th of March 2011 and it will air on tv later in the year about their self made "UP" house that actaully flies.

It had 300 weather balloons carrying it up to 10,000 feet for one hour from a American airport.

They even had their own "Russel" at the the event.

If you didn't say "Aaaahhhhhhh" when you saw this picture, there must be something wrong with your cute detector.

Drunkest guy ever goes for more beer

Mar 11, 2011

Friday is Babe day

Friday is going to be themed Babe day from now on, a few HAWT pics to keep you going through a Friday afternoon.

Just to make you excited for a leker weekend away from work, it will be themed as well.
For instance I will be putting on pics with girls doing stuff (not that stuff, get your mind out of the gutter , this is a family blog), for instance, hot babes swimming or doing sports. You get the idea.

Here is the first of many to come!

Today is Babes playing with soccer balls!

Quake and Tsunami hits Japan

A 8.9 Magnitude Earthqueake hit Japan and caused mayor damage. A Tsunami also swept through the Japanese coast

Justin Bieber Shot and Killed on CSI, so sad it is not true :(

Mar 10, 2011

We Killed Elvis - The Tragedy

Want a little bit more from Macdonalds?

I personaly craved for a little something different when I got at the drive through at Mcd's the other day.We all mostly order the same stuff, Macfeast Deluxe or a Big Mac is usually the norm.

Imagine maybe something a tad different, Pasta or a Shrimp burger at Macdonalds, even a beer would be extraordinary.What follows now is a few pics and descriptions of what other people eat daily at your favourite fast food joint around the world:

McSpaghetti. Spaghetti noodles served in sweet tomato-based sauce.

McPizza, it's a standard pan size with tomato basting.

Meet the Chicken strip porridge

In Asia, you can order up a McHotdog Mega Breakfast Sausage.
Onion rings in Europe
Sausage and egg pasta

Mcshrimp burger in Hong Kong

Beer is sold in Germany 

A Fish wrap with Wasabi

A Chicken Big Mac

And lastly we get rice burgers from the Middle East

Enjoy variety