Mar 1, 2011

10 Crappest Movies Ever!

You get the shit, the horrible and down right fucken stupid movies,  the intro is not even finished and you are already thinking to yourself “please let me die now and spare the torture that I am about to endure”.

Here is a list of my personal worst movies ever made, there is some of you that will think I am crazy and stubborn for selecting the list but fuck it, I don’t care.

10.Anaconda 3
What a shitty attempt to make a sequel to one of the funniest movies ever, The Hoff plays in it so you automatically think Baywatch as soon as you see his trademark hairdo. The CGI is utterly kak with no story line what so ever, truly a crap cinematic experience!

Yes I don’t like the movie at all, it was way to long to watch and big blue people is not my thing. The animation was very good and I need to give credit where it is due, but it just didn’t keep me interested past the hour mark anymore, so sorry Avatar.

8.Jonah Hex
Extremely thin storyline with one of the worst acting ever by Megan Fox, she is one hot model but a weak actress, this movie portrayed it perfectly. The whole thing honestly didn’t make any sense at all.

7.Meet the Spartans
Wow, beyond shit and made the spoofing so boring that it actually hurt to watch the movie. It is beyond me that this script( or lack thereof ) saw daylight. Made hardcore Spartans look like homophobic idiots.

6.Spice World
The once so popular Spice Girls to many teens made a movie in which they showed to world how dumb and obnoxious they are, you get the point.

5.Little Fockers
Watched it recently and didn’t even finish watching it, how can such a awesome cast like the great Robert de Niro, Ben Stiller , Dustin Hoffman and Owen Wilson fuck it up so badly, I blame the crap franchise that is Meet the Parents on this one.

4.All the “movie” movies
Since Scary Movie 2 this absolute rubbish has been popping up like little black kids in the Brangelina house, it has been a shit fest ever since. Horrible acting and dumb jokes falling flat is what comes to mind when I see Epic , Disaster and Date Movie.

Special Mention.Vampires Suck
Rubbish rubbish rubbish , that is what it is. A piece of crap is more valuable than this lame attempt at a movie.How could a person enjoy this, I know it makes fun of the overly hyped Twilight series but damn , they could have done so much better.

3.Spiderman Series
What was once the coolest of the cool is now turned to a nerdy looking guy that cries a lot, the directors made Spiderman cry…..who does that! He is a superhero, they should not prance around with tissues on them and fight crime! Shame on you guys!

2.Sex and the City
I have never watched it in my whole life and I doubt I will ever, it is the story of ( I think ) 4 fugly middle aged woman looking for sex , has a shit load of money and clothes….Why on earth would you make a movie of that is beyond me?

1.Insert your own movie here
Yes readers, this is for your own to decide because no one’s taste is the same and preferences differ from one another, but if I had to choose a movie it would be none other than the Twilight series. I don’t like the actors , the storyline and the degrading of awesome  mythical creatures such as vampires and werewolves to such a extent that you could of easily mistaken it for a High School Musical episode.

But to each his own!


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