Apr 14, 2011

Why being single is not all that great

Being single is really not all that awesome like some people make it out to be, you do sometimes have that freedom that whipped guys dream about. I have been there and done that, but when you in a good relationship those things don’t affect you like when you in a bad relationshit.

Everyone has had their fair share in horrible partners, the one’s where you say to yourself afterwards, what the hell was going through my mind?! The one where you were never good enough for them but when you leave them, they say you are the best thing that he/she will lose.

It’s the times where going out and partying has now turned into staying home and watching Desperate Housewives while massaging him/her back because everyone at work was fucked up today. It is also the time where visiting the parents happens more frequently that sex.

But it is not all doom and gloom, there are the times where you need some good old cuddling and TLC, even guys like it and the only place that you will get it is with your boyfriend/girlfriend. The best part about a good relationship is where you can do stuff together like rocking out at a party, watching movies (it is ALWAYS better with someone), have dinner and also being drunk and disorderly. Good relationships also decreases the possibility of getting a STD (be safe kids), because when you hooking up with a person for a one night stand, who could give a damn if he/she is dirty…everyone has had a friend or themselves fall into this awful trap.

Sure, single guys or girls can go out and flirt with some members of the opposite sex anytime they want, but it is that time when all your friends are with their lovers when it hits you, you are stuck alone. I have been there, got the t-shirt, it made me realize that everybody needs someone to love, sounds cheesy but it is true. You need someone to talk to, not the talking with your buddies, I mean the talks when you can go on for hours, laughing at stupid shit, it is the best feeling in the world where you can talk endlessly about random things with your partner while enjoying their company. Fuck, I sound like a drama queen now but none the less. Hope you all have awesome relationships where there is love and different sex positions all around.

Talking about sex positions, has anybody have a book on Kama Sutra? I am just curious on how many different moves there is, or how far your body can bend and twist.

And lastly, remember that midgets can pop out in a relationship or outside one so, cover your tool to prevent drool!

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