Apr 28, 2011

Been sick, done that, on a long weekend

I love public holidays, just for the fact that I can be extremely lazy and not do anything productive at all. This year was different though, I was sick so that meant no going out, no partying and no being out of bed for more than 30 minutes. It was dreadful to say the least, and what was usually sunshine around me was reduced to rain and medicine. I know a lot of people had the flu this past couple of days, making their houses look more like the zombie apocalypse hit than anything else. But like life, when there is a shitty situation there has to be a bit of good somewhere. Mine was not something, rather someone, I had a nurse to help me through my sickness (see article on why being single sucks, one of the perks of being in a relationship), yes I was nursed back to health by my girlfriend. The only thing that could of made it better would have been a skimpy hot nurse outfit to accompany her but alas it was not, but all the love and caring definitely helped me to get better soon and back on my feet.

I also noticed that television makes a huge difference on your road to recovery, if you are asking how does that work, then keep reading you fool because I am going to tell you now. Friday was probably the kakkest television schedule of all time, nothing worth while was on and that just made my day even worse than it was, I swear to you they thought that everyone was on holiday so they didn’t have to air anything good, only the shit shows that nobody wanted to watch and to make matters worse, I missed Wipeout (one of my favourite shows) due to DSTV fucking up their time schedule.

But how it changed the next day, there was so many good stuff on and I couldn’t decide what to watch and that actually made my day (I know it’s kind of petty, he gets excited from watching tv and it made his day). One such a thing that I enjoyed was the three Jurassic Park movies that was on TCM every night, that was rad, I wanted to be a Velociraptor this weekend, fuck everything else. Dinosaurs is where it is at people!

Invictus was also one of the best movies about South African history that I saw on Sunday night, well half of the movie I had to explain who Francios Pienaar( yes the Lays guy) and Jono Lomu was to my rather uninformed girlfriend. But none the less it showed the legend Mandela in his compassionate self and how appropriate was the timing with Freedom day just looming around the corner.

Hope you all enjoyed the damn long weekend and to those of you still on vacation, I truly despise you.

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