Apr 13, 2011

Dance, Friend or Foe Part 2

To continue my dancing debate of yesterday's post, I did not say all I wanted to. Another factor that makes everyone think they can dance like champions has to be alcohol. It makes you win or lose, but mostly lose very badly.
 Because your balance is fucked and view not all that good, you may think that you are rubbing your crotch on some hot girl's leg, but in reality you’re the guy trying to dry hump the bar chair. It has happened, I have witnesses some of the most disturbing things I have seen in my life.

A fine example of why drunk dancing makes you lose is that, of one of my good friends always resorting to removing his shirt in any place when he is busting his move, he has been kicked out of random pubs by bouncers from being half naked and dancing sloshed.

But in his fine words, “wie de fok gee om, ek geniet myself?!”

And to cap off a great discussion, here is some people that came, danced and lost.

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