Jun 7, 2011

The DJ (Leon Botha) who appeared in Die Antwoord's Enter the Ninja music video has died

Leon Botha died at the age of 26 from Progeria on Sunday, he was believed to be the oldest person with this condition.

What a loss of such a talented person, despite having a disease that makes you age  so fast, he still made great music and lived a life that only a few could grasp.

Botha was known for both his DJ and artistic talent, he appeared in Die Antwoord’s smash hit music video Enter the Ninja

What sums up Leon for me, has got to be this quote:

"I am too focused on living my life as it is, to constantly draw my energy or focus towards my physical "state". Just like any other human being, I don’t like to be reduced to a condition or a statistic & I sure as hell won’t end up on one of the photos to be paraded on websites to inspire pity & shit… wrong guy."

RIP Leon, you lived life to the fullest and probably still making beats in a better place.

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