Jun 6, 2011

Christmas Wish List - Ipod Underwear

I want these awesome gadgets, they will benefit me and my missus. I don’t know if they are outdated or if I just never saw them earlier but they caught my eye now. Take the first one for example, Ipod panties...it really doesn’t get any better than that. Remove them while listening to some great music can get anybody in the mood for some good old loving.

Who wants to listen to your body getting rid of extra bodily masses when you got this baby, a shit playshit may be created in the time you are spending on the throne. Excuse the pun.

This may be the ugliest bra style ever created because it looks like some headlights in the Daspoort tunnel and lacks the punch of hot teasing panties but it will do the trick in my book. The funniest design attribute has got to be the buttons which will be located right above the nipple of your lady friend, meaning that you will be skipping through her crap playlist while she thinks you are trying to get it on, which most guys (like me) will obviously fail to notice.

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