Jun 7, 2011

FAIL Tuesday; Do you know this thief by any chance?

A stolen Macbook has taken pictures of its “new” owner for the world to see.

The man in the picture permanently borrowed a Mr. Gerry Greyling’s laptop on the 21st of April 2011 from his office.

He installed the tracking software after his first laptop got stolen and it looks that it paid off because this face will be in every chain email for the next few days.

How it works is that you activate the tracker from the company and the laptop secretly takes pictures of its new owner and it gets sent to the firm. So you get your face sent to the owner and the police if you are naughty.

But what boggles my mind is that after he reported it to the police, the “new” owner switched off the tracker….How on earth did he know that he would be tracked?

Yes it does tend to raise a few questions. But in anyway, enjoy the best fails of this mighty fine week

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