Nov 10, 2010

Gang rape in schools

This new story about gr8, fucking boys raping a poor girl in school time in the field, I'm fucking sorry but this is the parents fault and also the teachers, why?

Cuz where the hell is the gates around the school, when I was in school it was like fokken pollsmoor prison,no I was not in boys town!

In a random school just like the one mentioned in the story! The parents....not judging but can you not realise that your child wants to rape something, and don't give me the shit of they were alone and had no friends, there were ten of the assholes, I really feel for this girl, her whole life is ruined with that video!!

Throw these assholes in prison, just to get raped for one day, maybe I'm harsh but I got absolutely no respect for rapist!! They are the scum of the earth!

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