Nov 10, 2010

Julius malema

Is he the biggest doos in South africa!

No he isn't, he is the biggest Twit in the world, cuz apparently him and his asshole of followers namely the ANCYL wants to shut down twitter!
Can you be more fucking of a cunt? Yes he can, why you ask, cause he failed woodwork in matric......find it hard to believe cuz his head is made of wood!

I feel so fucking sorry for the young people he gets under his wing, they will become mind fucked by this moron's stupid rants, well guess what South africa say hello to your next president , cause no one has the balls to stand up to him, not even the great Mandela, zuma is to busy with his balls somewhere else to notice this doos!

But hey look on the bright side, he can't get more dumb!

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