Nov 10, 2010

The Friends

Everyone has buddies, bra's, homies or just  foken pelle, but they all in different categories, they all play a role in jou opvoeding.

First of you get the guy that gets doosdronk every time you kuier or see him! he has got a endless supply of money, not neccesarily working for it but getting it from his dad or mom, he calls girls bitches wat wil naai and loves in plain words to fuck! he is the guy where you say, where the fuck is he , the next morning!

Then is the "responsible" one, he tells everyone two drinks and when you searching for him he is dropping tequilas in his mouth like die antwoord with beats, he usually crashes his car or just drives over something very big in other words a moerse sypaadjie het voor my ingeduik!Fokken Bliksem!

here is for the hopeless "in love" vriend, his favourite line is,fok ek lief girls maar hulle nie vir my nie, wat doen ek verkeerd?, we all know who that is, dont deny it! He is so inlove with every girl that glances at him or just maybe walked in his direction, "check bra sy chaaf my" and then he gets the shit beaten out of him by her 120kg Prop boyfriend.

Now we get the "dancer", he does not , i repeat he does not dance when he is sober, but when he had a few sambuca's and brannas, he dances with everyone without a shirt, fuck you can be a girl,guy,giraffe or tree. he will dance with you and bust the latest kak moves from step up 5! according to him.

Last but not least we get the fanny fart, he cant drink, cant even smell alcohol without getting a babelas, he is peter parker in spiderman 3! foken pansy! but for some or weird reason the chicks dig him cuz when he has his smirnoff spin then he gets all emotional and understanding!

Well this is all i can think about! put your friends name's there! you got them, be fucken proud of them boet!

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