Jun 28, 2011

Oppikoppi confirms The Used

So Oppikoppi confirmed the Used but shortly after they announced that Chevelle are not coming to South Africa for the festival, personally it suits me more because I am in fact not very fond of Chevelle. The Used are one of those bands that I listened to in High School with Sum41, so this will be like a High School reunion for me, listening to bands I admired when I was still a teenager. But in my wildest thoughts I would never have thought I would see them live, and in South Africa.

But there are those people that are demanding a refund for the ticket they already purchased because they wont be able to see Chevelle. Come on, Oppikoppi is not just about the bands, sure it plays a big part in the whole setup. Oppi is a destination away from the busy city life to a world that a few have experienced, it is a place where race, gender or social status does not play roles. It is where chaos reigns, and that is why I am going, the bands are just a BIG PLUS!

So go if you have a ticket, if you want to sell it, do it! Just remember that you will be missing a great party.

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