Jun 14, 2011

How to survive the winter my way:

It is cold and everyone is complaining on how shit the weather is, and there is no getting away from it unless you move to some desert African country for the next few months which I don’t recommend unless you like hunting for your food.

But I have an outcome for you if you don’t enjoy the cold front causing the numbness of your slong in the night and you are missing the lack of clothes during sex, cause face it. Having sexy time is not the same if you in your polo neck and wooly socks.

Here are as few essential things to do when summer gives us the finger and walks out:

-Clothes, have a lot of them on or near you because it doesn’t get worse than having too little on and freezing your balls off.

-Soup, it may be boiled water with vegetables and fake meat in but it goes down so nicely when you chilling in front of the fireplace (don’t worry, I don’t have one either)
-Bonfires are the mother earth’s gift to people, use it wisely.

-You probably will get sick no matter what, so plan ahead. A bottle of apple sours a day keeps the doctor away.
-Be a mammoth, be poofy. You will look like a noob, but at least you’re a warm noob. 
-Grow facial hair, nothing beats a good patch of face fur to protect your skin, I would personally go for the late Osama look.

-Sweat equals heat, so get the bicycle out of the garage and hit the street (just leave the Lycra buried in your cupboard) or take up dancing, it allows for you to keep your body at a reasonable degree while you building some serious “gevaarlike” moves.

-Cuddle, it is what makes the winter worthwhile. Take a long relaxing bath with your partner or just lay in bed assuming the spoon position.
-To avoid the cold and not miss out on your drinking habits, I suggest a nice bottle of red wine which will go perfectly with the bath or if you poor like me a bottle of OBS will suffice.

To close of my post, I will have to say regardless of whether you are prepared or not, this winter is kicking my ass and I’m sure I am not alone in this.

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