Jun 15, 2011

Eye Candy – Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba is a television and film actress, she started acting at the tender young age of 13. She appeared in movies such as Honey, Fantastic Four, Into the blue and Sin City. She was also cast in the lead role of the television series, Dark Angel.

She also featured on the cover of Playboy but never in the magazine itself which is a shame.
Some really bizarre facts about her is that in her early life she constantly went into hospital more than usual, her lungs collapsed twice, had pneumonia 4-5 times a year and still has asthma. You probably didn’t know that, me neither.

Alba is the only woman who has made the Maxim Magazine Hot 100 list in all the years it was published; from 2000 to 2011.
Enough facts about her, lets bask in her beauty for a while and admire one of the hottest Latina’s in the world.

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