May 4, 2011

Osama is dead, joy to the world....

Osama Bin Laden is dead and now all the attention from the Royal wedding is now shifted to the dead terrorist, now queue all the funny jokes. 
I have heard some of the worst and best ones so far, one of best jokes but getting kind of lame is probably "In other news, Chuck Norris just returned from his vacation in Pakistan." But the best ones have got to be: "They buried Osama Bin Laden at sea right next to the other greatest villain ever... MegaTron" "Osama Bin Laden still listed on FBI Most Wanted site, with a $25 Million reward! I'm going fishing!" "What abomination lays lifeless at the bottom of the sea responsible for 1000's of deaths? The Titanic." “Osama Bin Laden buried at sea. I was surprised he didn't float -- like most shit does!”

But it is better that he is gone, I was quite getting tired that Al Queda is everywhere and Afganistan is the most dangerous country in the world, they have obviously never been in Soshanguve or Mamelodi.

And this is how they found him------->

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