May 3, 2011

I was lost

Getting lost sucks, we all done it countless times and still keep on doing it and probably will keep on doing it till the day we die. Some people are so “rigting befok” they will probably miss the bright white light when they die and end up in Baberton's butchery. I got lost this weekend on the way to a little kid’s party and holy shit, were we lost. We were at that point where shouting and swearing in your mind was a thing of the past, we were at the moment where you just think to yourself  “Fuck me”, and to top it all off, we drove past the house twice. And the best part was yet to come, it was a pirate party so of course there were decorations on the gate, how we missed it twice is beyond me.

A GPS is so necessary these days because of all the road works for the World Cup 2010 (yes still happening) and signs that are stolen, and used not for the purpose that they are made for, like this lovely piece of architecture.

Another reason why getting lost is so obvious, I almost forgot it, is having a few beers beforehand. It makes a plain and simple path seem like an Indiana Jones map, full of obstacles and quizzes. I know a lot of people that has gotten lost leaving Hatfield, I am guilty of it, when leaving that place it always seems that someone moved some of the roads and banners to mindfuck with me, and I always seem to end up driving up a one way.

For some or other weird reason the road that you are looking for is always just behind you, in other words you passed it already, or the street name is covered in plants or there is an ANC poster just in front of it.

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