Feb 14, 2011

Valentine's day=overrated?

Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day.....what more can I say to make you go away.

Unfortunately it is a day we can not avoid as much as we wanted to, it will forever be here, it is the day of apparent LOVE...

If you love someone ,every day should be “love day”, not just today. Notice all the day and love in that one sentence ...

I also think the fact that almost every person likes to declare their love openly for his/her partner today is fucking stupid, if you disagree with me, go onto twitter and Facebook and see for yourself, still think I am wrong...open your eyes you fucking idiot.

I am by no means making fun of the day but face it, it is useless. It is not even considered as a holiday, everyone has to go to work or school.

The only people that benefit from this godforsaken day is the stores that sell gifts and the lucky girls with rich boyfriends, and btw I am neither.

Have you seen the prices on some of the accessories and flowers leading up to Valentine’s day, fuck its expensive!

The best way to make this day “special” is to ignore it , and spoil the someone that makes your heart beat “tjoklits” next week, it is easier on the wallet and will buy you some nookie points or just get your ass sleeping on the couch alone!?


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