Dec 21, 2010

Tips for Summer!

Remember it is Summer now and the holidays are just beginning for some! So here is a few useful or useless info just to keep your head above the water!

1.Everyone older always tells you this, dress properly. You don't want to look like the douche on the beach with the red speedo again. You have to dress to the occasion, not on the occasion cause that will only get you arrested or beaten up.

2.Another very important point is hygeine ! Take the hell care of your odour! Nobody likes Mr Shitstain, it might be funny the night before being  pissed on Tequila and R15 Wellington special but now it is a big "NO-NO"
So keep a shower in a can nearby and for shit sakes wash after you made a accidental "briekmerk"

3.It is the holidays, treat yourself! Buy a handfull of presents for yourself and others! Don't be shy, payday is only next year end of January and your Bonus will probably last for 5 hours! But really , go eat a fancy meal at a restaurant or just have a nice home cooked meal.

4.See the humour in everything! Just not when you locked up with a big black guy wanting some nookie, that shit ain't funny at all.

5.Keep the tan lines under control, everyone wants to look good on the beach! And please use sunscreen on the neccesary places that might scare of girls...

6. Last but not least, make every photo a special one!

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