Dec 20, 2010

Piercings, is it worth the look?

So piercings are the new "in thing", but why? I never really could understand them or see the use in them, it looks good but with age it will become more of a burden than a fashion statement.

You get different kinds of piercings, you get the oh so popular belly ring, every girl has them or wants one, I understand the concept of it, it looks nice, it makes your pre birth feeding tube look a tad stylish but what I really can not get my head around is the genital rings...come on its your reproductive organs! Fuck me, I would die if I take a girl home and she pulls out a clit ring, I would throw up, and probably make any excuse to stay from the  lord of the clit!
And the Prince Albert, why the name, I have never seen any of the "royal" family with any piercings?? Who would like pull out a ring of your dick everytime you want to take a piss, and the only girl that finds that attractive is the hardcore dominatrix things, you can even lock dick rings when you having funky time!

It is really not all that bad, it takes the attention away from your weird scrawny eye, poop looking birth mark on your cheek or that Owen Wilson nose, now you look like a complete asshole with a piece of metal in your face!

But seriously , do what you want with your body, it is yours! Fuck it up if you need to...but just picture this handsome man in 20 years!

Ed out! Enjoy the Holidays

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