Dec 1, 2010

I miss the good old party days

Fuck I miss it so badly, remember where you actually had to lie to your parents before you go out? "We having a sleep over with some pizza and alcho.....dvds!!!"

Shit those where the best days, no work the next morning when you suffering from the Babbie! I remember still going to buy quarts at a fucken dodgy shebeen in Pretoria North, hell I thought it was going to get crazy when we walked in there but they were chilled, obviously from all the previous little fuckers going in with exactly the same mission as get shit faced !

Those were the days when clean booze was the best, no Coke or Sprite? Fuck it, drink it out of the bottle! Clearly still in my mind drinking Stroh Rum out of the bottle like it was the end of the world! And now? We resort to cool bags, shit in the old days the black paper bag was our "cool bag", carry that shit around everywhere.

One more thing, it was so damn cheap to get drunk, you didn't drink a lot or fancy stuff , a Black label quart was usually on the menu with a old ass bottle of Sours, and that was socially acceptable at a party, now it is only acceptable if you drinking in a house or "parkie" on the otherside of Daspoort!

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