Dec 2, 2010

Drinking perception

So you go drinking after a damn hard week, you go to your favourite bar or club , first up you get the ice cold Castle or Double special which everyone likes so fucken much. Its always on special if you think about it, has the "special" ever changed in the last 5 or so years? Nope, not at all...

You go back for a few more rounds, get a few shots of tequila and the odd random shit with a awesome name that just caught you....yes I'm talking about the mind blowing  names like Butt Fuck baby jelly, the milkmaids sugar  tits or the worst shot I have ever taken...the Almighty Tombstone, yes these names are absurd but very catchy.

Shit, if you in a bar, which one would you take? the Sours or the Devils Leather Whip? Ask yourself that. And then the obvious happen, you get stumble out of your seat, walk casually to the girl that has  been looking at you since you got here, she's got the looks , the body and the attitude... I say attitude for a reason because that is exactly what you like that fucks you up mentally, because she was never looking at you, she was looking at your "kak" style, the jeans dont match the shirt accordingly to her and those fucking shoes!? What were you thinking???

You are rejected, drunk and demoralised, you get more hammered than usual to block out the images of that bitch turning you down. Fuck it you going for the next big thing, you hook up with this piece of flesh! Don't give a hell about her name, your friends say, "dude you fucken sure about this, you kinda pissed" and then the universal answer comes to that situation, "I'm cool bro , fokit stop being so jealous, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!!"        

  You drive home with her, missing a few roadblocks by taking back roads and just speeding all the way cause you ready to get it on, funky time is awaiting you and that thing. You get home, have a extra ordinary time in bed, you can't remember shit really...Waking up to this face just sums up your night

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