May 16, 2011

Think before you write

How important is grammar, it can make or break a sentence. I know a lot of people don’t give a hell about it, but I do because it means how educated are you or if you know how to use the check spelling tool on your device.

 I am not talking about the spelling when you write to your Liefie or Gawie on your Blackberry, that can pass for any kind of writing because it is usually consists of, “Bbe e sa ltr jo si, wnt e t bsg mt m wrk or hud? dnt knw wht t do 2nght, thy r gon out bt I rly nt in d mood fr anythn.”

Yes all of you could have read that with no problem what so ever. But my point is, watch out for stupid mistakes with your grammar, otherwise you could be in the same boat as this young Einstein below me.

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