May 19, 2011

Recollections of a former 22 year old’s night:

I am writing this now because if I had to yesterday, my keyword would have been covered in Olmega and brandy.

As some of you know I had my party on Tuesday the 17th of May, and how epic was it. I can still feel the alcohol flowing through my veins as I am typing this. Back to the start, where it all began. My dearest mom took me out for Sushi and beer in the morning, that was the first of many alcoholic refreshments to come.

Some parts of the night are still blurred out of my mind, but I promise everyone I was “soet en het geen kak aangevang nie”. I had the privilege to party with some of the greatest people in the world, they made me drink the most potent combination ever while I attempted to handstand, it basically came down to me getting my pants getting pulled down and hanging in my boxers upside down for all the world to see ( thanks Manie and Dan).

 Let me first tell you what I tasted in the glorious mix while I was showing my crown jewels to my guests, it was something with beer, Po10C, brandy and Tequila. It was a recipe for disaster because the guy that had to pour it in my throat was also a little drunk and not entirely accurate, Ballie poured the first 500ml in my mouth with no problem what so ever, then it went all pear shaped from there. From there on I had that mix poured in my eyes for roughly about 5 seconds, it burned people, it really did. 

Imagine my situation at the moment, I had the mix in my mouth, in my eyes and in my hair and all the while hanging upside down with all my belongings falling out of my pants…I can describe that as one of the funniest moments in my life. (I have the video but I don’t know if I should show it?)

After this fuckup I misplaced one of my legs in the swimming pool, now I had the stickiest face and shirt, and to make it even more awesome, my right side of my body was wet due to pool water.

Back to the night, we had a lot of beer pong games played (we play with bats, not that throwing shit thing). But due to an accident before hand, we only had three bats. So I choose to play with a DVD case, I played, I rocked and I won. Simple as that!

It was really an amazing night people, I drank a few shots of tequila, but that last one was just one step to far for me to stumble (The Tequila was fucking awesome Pierre), the shot went down….I thought all Hell would be coming out of my mouth and the floodgates would open, but fate didn’t want me to “kots” that night, so I didn’t really cleanse my stomach at all that night….

To end of the spectacular night, I crawled in behind my girlfriend at about 5 o’clock who was already in the bed, and woke up at 11am with the most foul taste in my mouth and basically my Heuwels Fantasties shirt resembling a kitchen mop.

It was a truly EPIC night and thanks to everyone that came out.

Ballie- I am still sticky and can not remember anything from our early morning Call of Duty game.

Dan- The French brandy resulted in me tumbling thinking I was a hunter.

Jacques- I drank all your brandy, my bad!

Shaun and Caitlin- Sorry for trying to kick your car for fun, and basically missed it resulting in my tumbling on your bonnet.

Pierre- Tequila shots are always better with you bud.

Poena and Pieter- Never say “ek gaan dit rustig vat nie”, because it was everything but that.

CJ- Thanks for everything, without you the night would have been a dull affair.

Ali- Thanks for coming and please keep the Bravoska Vodka for yourself.

Manie- All good bro, enjoy the Cape.

Kg and Hendraak- Beer pong was invented for you guys, I am awaiting our next game.

Louen- At least you didn't pass out at 7 and thank for those extra few Black Labels

Estee- Cuzzie, dit was fokken lekker!!

Benji- That 6 beers killed me too.

Niel- Next round is at Oppikoppi.

The 4 C’s (Charldene, Caitlin, Candice and Charmaine)- What great girls to party with, and remember that the Zombie attack will happen!

If I left you out, I am truly sorry and will make up for it with hugs and kisses.

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