May 30, 2011

Lady Gaga-Are you serious?

What is up with this woman, her wardrobe consists of the most absurd and weird things. It will not surprise me if she has a fridge or a small butchery in her closet because where the hell does she come up with all her fashion ideas. I have also read somewhere that she doesn’t wear the same thing twice (not sure if it is entirely true), personally I don’t blame her cause meat and plants don’t stay fresh forever, they rot some or other time.

And all these rumors that she is the Antichrist, the devil’s right hand is so funny. Story is that she apparently sold her soul to him in exchange for a shot at fame. If this is true then the Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus are so screwed for eternity. Seriously who believes that she is going to take over the world?!

Not me, I absolutely detests her music and fashion sense, give it two years and then there will be some other new pop musician that will have the world by his/her feet the same way she did. It has happened before and will keep on happening because that is the way the world thinks. And I love the way people reads into her music lyrics expecting demons whispering their rude intentions with your mom on songs. Crazy much hey?

To cap of my discussion about Miss GAGA, here is a few pictures on how exactly not to look like the Antichrist, makes you wonder?

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