May 5, 2011

Bush VS Obama

So this Osama Bin Laden thing is actually quite huge because overseas news people are still going on about the story, if he is really dead and why is he dumped in the ocean. People are so damn skeptic about certain things which really is not the point of this whole post, the point I want to make is about Bush. No not that Bush (get your mind out of the gutter), I am talking about Meneer George W. Bush. He basically started this whole war on terror; Obama just took over where he left off. So just to pay tribute to the man that was the previous president of the US and A. I have put in this awesome clip showing his brilliance and knowledge of the world.

Actually I think he was quite a douche, and I know it is not Bush in the video. It is one of my all time favourite comedians, WILL FERRELL showing us exactly how “smart” he really was…..

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