Jan 19, 2011

Why haven't I thought about this?

I "like" these two inventions because it solves a lot of problems, firstly the double bed "jy maak my oop en vat al die plek" tameletjie.

Every person has had that problem where the guy/girl, but mostly the guy lays spread eagle on the bed and hogging all the place and therefore causing a inconvenience towards his partner.

You can now actually measure your space and divide it equally depending on your frame....sorry girls but guys get the advantage here unless your dating a midget.

Will the couple using this wake up in the night ,turn on the bright light and checking who has used the most space.....Very unlikely

 Secondly we have the shower mic...I mean come on?!, who has never sang in the shower pretending your auditioning for Idols?

It will definitely not improve your singing ability in any way but will make you look like a complete fucktard cause in reality you will be using a sponge as a microphone...

It is not all doom and gloom, at least it will stop you from spraying the shower nozzle's water down your throat accidently when you want to hit those high notes.


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