Dec 9, 2010

Work and daydreaming about a vacation!

So I am sitting in the office waiting for the work day to end and dreaming about a better time! Yes I am thinking about the holiday in the awesome sun!
Fuck, it is so nice, where you can wake up every morning drunk or hungover and just think to yourself, whats the most unproductive thing I can do today! Just lay around the pool, if you living in Brakpan, probably a big pothole will work as well or Tant Jacomiena's fish pond next to the sewerage plant is not a bad choice!

You don't have to get dressed , fuck it, boxers and slippers is a very acceptable way to walk around, throw in a robe even to get that extra rich Hefner type feel. And the most important thing that's essential to any December holiday, pool parties! Everyone loves them, you meet random girls that you never thought could look good in a bikini, omw how wrong were you!

And you play the most absurd pool games, come on , who would have taught "Adam en Eva" (Marco Polo for the English people)could be so fun drunk! Good advice , try to grab harder when you near a girl or if you feel a piece of material vaguely feeling like a bikini top, don't think twice , yank that sucker off and see the beauty of your action!

A full on punch in the face could be your "voorland" , but trust me and every other straight guy , it is all worth it in the end!  Okey I am going to stop writing because I am just teasing my "hungry for a party" mind! Enjoy the holidays and remember, Keep left and don't shag any black chicks!

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