Nov 11, 2010

Worst South African singers

You get the bad, you get the horrible and the you get the plain fucking assholes! They might be nice people but fuck it, their music sucks donkey cock! In no particular order.

12.Juanita Du Plessis aka "thats a huge bitch" ! She sings kak, she wants to fuck penguin's(according to Wat Kyk jy ska rumba means seksuele omgang met 'n pikkewyn in Polish or something)

11.Gerhard Steyn, he only sings BaBy tjoklits......can someone please explain wat the hell does this shit means?? cuz I am totally dumbstruck!

10.Kurt "kaptein" Darren, yes hy is die Kaptein van talle virgins! apparently a cool guy but his music is total balls and also the creator of Rooi Rok Bokkie.......the essential song needed at a "leker bokjol", oh fuck me!

9.Steve Hofmeyer, ahh this guy is the ultimate pomp daddy, he even puts Zuma to shame with all his basterds! Best know for "pampoen", yes a fucking pumkin in English! and the Blou Bul Lied, not even gona say anything about it except a couple of guys blue horns hugging each other.....

8.Snotkop, this guy can not make a real original song, how many copies you wana make and call it your own...he looks like one of the singers from Westgetalife! and the cap....wat the fuck is up with that? badly can you hide your penis and claim to be straight?!

6.Dozi, this is one big fucker with his "ou ryperd", he comes from the stone age with that fucken mop on his head and even sings like a caveman, all of a sudden he changes languages faster than a opel corsa with new neon lights on Vooortrekker on a Sunday night!

5.Lianie May, nobody wants to kiss her anymore, sorry but I would not kiss a old duck wanting to be young  again.

4.Nicolas Louw. The original leather jacket guy, he wants to rock his lyfie or let someone rock it for him, go to fucken Teazers boet!

3.Mara Louw, wow two louw's, which one is worse? I have never in my whole fucken life seen this woman sing or seen a CD from her but she is famous?? why?! She judges on idols, whoopo de fucken doo, nobody cares! and now Idols is racists according to her? Cuz black people voted for the white guy.....Mara dont be hating cuz your white guy left you.

2.Robbie Wessels, ahh this guy you can not say anything bad about him, he is the exception, fucken ruled in Poena is Koning!! He gets the shakes when he is nervous and wants to "get losts in a girls Bermuda Triangle", that is probably the most normal motherfucker in this whole bunch! Poena I salute you!

1.Bobby van Foken Jaarsveld, he started the shit between Fokofpolisiekar and the people! I hate this doos so much, if I hear Spieeltjie I wana get shards of glass and cut myself to put myself out of the misery.


Guys that rocks is as follows-
Francios van Coke and the guys
Jack Parow
Waddy Jones (NINJA)
Yo-Landi Vi$$er
Pierre Greef wiht DHF as well as Lukraakkitaar
Laudo Liebenberg and aKing
Bouwer with Straatligkinders



  1. Van wanneer af tel mens 10-9-8-9-8?

  2. haha, sien dit nou eers raak, sal dit nou verander