Nov 25, 2010


Traffic... I hate it, you hate it everyone hates it!

I was sitting in traffic for 2 hours today on a 10km drive....holy shit, can we not get someone in our shitty goverment to sort out this shit? The main culprits are these asshole taxi drivers ,they are the scum of the earth, they cause the accidents and fuck ups!

And yet nobody in the goverment is blaming them, they are ranting about the upgrading of the road system, excuse me but I have never seen any roads remotely close to being finished around Gauteng. Shit even the guy on the radio said avoid any roads, it's a joke really!

And we can also blame the bad drivers, how many of these fools have VALID licences. I said valid for a reason cause it is so easy to buy one next to the road, hell you can even buy a pilot licence in Marabastad! I have seen it with my own eyes, bought one for R249.99, it was on a weekend special, I know what you probably thinking....Score!

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